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Energy Audit

Initiating a utility audit with Smart Roofs Energy is completely risk free. We only get paid if we secure you a refund (50/50 split). Otherwise, it costs you nothing. Smart Roofs Audits involve very little of your time and resources. Once you sign the agreement and submit copies of invoices to us, your work is done.
Almost every time we secure a refund for our clients, they realize continued savings in their utility bills. Not only do we recover prior overcharges, we correct billing errors that would have continued to cost you valuable company 

Our focus is how to help you save- with a personalized, detailed approach that finds you the maximum refund Customers consider us an extension of their team - one that saves them money and COSTS NOTHING Smart Roofs Energy audits CONTINUE TO SAVE you money long after your audit is complete with continued savings in future utility bills

With our custom-built software, our intensive audits focus on an extensive list of potential errors and savings for you, including but not limited to:

• Invoice Accuracy
• Incorrect Meter Readings
• Faulty Meters
• Redundant Billing Charges
• Evaluation of Line Charges
• Usage Charges
• Surcharges, Taxes & Tariffs
• Consumption Review
• Demand Reading Errors

• Hospitals and assisted living facilities
• Hotels and motels
• Pharmaceutical industry
• Religious organizations
• Apartment and condominium complexes
• Supermarkets and drugstores
• Gas Electric Water Oil Sewer Steam
• Diesel
• Propane
• LED Light Retrofitting
• Telecommunications
• Cable/Wireless
• Real Property Tax

What we utilities can we audit for you:

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