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Businesses of All Sizes are Going Solar

Businesses of all types and sizes are choosing to go solar not only because of what they “give back” environmentally but for what they “get back” financially. Here are some of the many benefits of choosing solar for your energy needs:

Attractive ROI

With rapid payback, strong internal rates of return, and a predictable cash flow stream, commercial solar projects can deliver outstanding long-term investment returns for businesses. In addition to dramatic reductions in your company’s ongoing electricity costs,  a commercial solar project will generate incremental revenue, effectively creating a new profit center.

Benefit from Government Incentives

Federal, state and even local governments frequently offer attractive rebates and incentives to encourage businesses to invest in renewable energy upgrades. Effective utilization of available incentive programs can dramatically reduce the upfront cost of solar while providing a predictable long-term revenue stream.

Eliminate Energy Cost Volatility

Electricity prices are highly volatile and difficult to predict. In fact, historically, the cost of electricity has increased at compound annual growth rates in excess of 5%. By generating your own clean electricity onsite, you eliminate your company’s exposure to such volatile price fluctuations.

Marketing and Public Relations Benefits

Solar conversion will position your business as a forward-thinking, environmental leader. Your customers, employees, vendors, shareholders and neighbors will be fully aware of your corporate commitment to the environment and your local community.

Go Green… and Red, White and Blue

A business that converts to solar not only reduces their carbon footprint, they promote U.S. energy independence, helping to decrease America’s need for foreign energy.

Turn-Key Service Makes it so Easy

Our commercial solar projects include the full range of services your business or organization will need to go solar, including:

  • Design

  • Engineering

  • Permitting

  • Procurement

  • Construction

  • Commissioning

  • Interconnection Arrangement with Utility

  • Incentive Application and Claim Paperwork

  • Roof replacement or repair

  • LED Lighting Upgrades