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Energy 360

SRS’s Energy 360 Program is a no cost analysis of all your business’s energy usage. This program looks at everything your company needs to lower it's energy cost, become more efficient and take the steps to become an environmental leader within your industry.

Energy 360 is designed to encompass your building's energy needs. SRS performs a complete no cost energy analysis illustrating how your business can utilize multiple solutions.

We look at the following elements of your overall energy cost to ensure that your company is
running efficiently and effectively in the best possible way:

Electric Supply & Demand
By implementing Solar PV, Alternative Supply Rates and Peak Shaving Equipment, we are able to offset
all or a portion of your utility bill.


Smart Battery Solutions
Intelligent Energy Storage Systems continually monitor your buildings energy use, time of use and
utility rates to determine which power source to use: Battery, Grid or Solar (if included). The Smart
Battery not only helps to provide you with the lowest cost per kilowatt for your property, but also
provides backup power for short power outages, rolling blackouts, and energy conditioning for
sensitive equipment.


Smart Controls
Smart Controls learn how occupants use the building and continually adjust for comfort and savings
on key high energy consumption equipment such as HVAC, Lighting, and Cold Storage, Cloud-based
software coordinates electricity usage with lower rates. Installations are quick and do not require
permittings or expensive new equipment. The savings are 100% guaranteed..


Solar PV
With rapid payback, strong internal rates of return, and a predictable cash flow stream, commercial
solar projects deliver outstanding investment returns. In addition to reductions in your company’s
increasing electricity costs, a commercial solar project will generate incremental revenue, effectively
creating a new profit center.

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