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Environmental Benefits of Solar

Yes, it is now a financial benefit to adopt solar for your business if you have the proper location for it. However, lost in the bottom line aspect is the environmental benefit that can also lead to good will and a positive response from the industry and, most importantly, from your customers.

Global crises have brought to light just how convoluted and tied together the world economies are when it comes to fossil fuels. Governments are now making a very determined effort to wean themselves off of oil and gas and make a faster and more aggressive move towards solar, wind and other forms of renewable energy. It's a smart move towards stability.

Additionally, it's no secret the Earth is warming and doing so at an alarming rate. The average rooftop solar install can help mitigate the rising temperatures. One install can offset about 3 metric tons of carbon emissions per year. That amounts to saving 130 trees.

When it comes to electric vehicles, a recent study from the University of Michigan and the Ford Motor Company found that electric vehicles amounted to more than 64% less of a carbon footprint than traditional, internal combustion counterparts. A very important fact which emerged is that that study also took into account the manufacturing of the vehicles' EV batteries offset any environmental gains from an electric vehicle. This was a falsely noted fact used for years by electric vehicle opponents.

Anything that can be done to minimize the disastrous effects of oil wells would be a welcome relief to the environment. Oil and gas drilling releases harmful, noxious gasses that are dangerous to everyone around them. Oil spills are common and have been well-documented. They don't always have to be as large as the Exxon Valdez or the Deepwater Horizon. A small leak into the local water supply can ruin a neighborhood and cause incredible hardship to all the local residents. Solar, wind and other renewable sources of energy eliminate these potentially deadly occurrences.

Additionally, increasing use of electric vehicles and lowering dependency on fossil fuels will increase property value for every home and building near a major road since it will be quieter and the air will be clearer.

With solar, the air is cleaner.

The water is cleaner.

Again, of course there is a financial benefit to solar and renewables that will be the main driving point. However, it is truly satisfying to know that something that is financially attractive will also clearly help along the way and make the world a better place.

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