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Factors that Determine Solar System Pricing 

Although it would be convenient to have standard pricing for solar systems, the reality is that each system we build is completely customized to the unique needs of every business. Even though there are typically no up front costs out of pocket to switch to solar, it’s important for you to be familiar with the factors that will determine your system cost. In our proposal, we provide a 30 year cash flow analysis that will clearly lay out the immediate benefit to your business and its bottom line.

  • The amount of energy consumption and demand we have to offset

  • The size of the system required to offset energy consumption

  • Whether roof work is required prior to solar installation

  • System design, panel array and configuration

  • Total number of panels required

  • The type and efficiency of the panels

  • The type and efficiency of the inverters

  • Type of racking system

  • Monitoring equipment

  • The location of the arrays

  • Government tax incentives

  • Utility company cash incentives

  • Accessibility of roof

  • Cost of installation

  • The costs of connection to the grid

  • Preparation of roof and related areas

  • Structural  & electrical engineering, architecture and other professional services

  • Upgrading of any existing infrastructure or cabling

If you are curious to see if your business would benefit from renewable energy, please call or send a note here.  In order to provide you with our free building assessment we will need to review a copy of your recent electric bill.