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4 Ways to turn your new car lot into a money maker

Generally, new cars are stored in large lots that are either attached to the dealership or in a nearby, off-premises location.

Here are 4 ways to turn your new car lot into an income producing asset:

1. Install a carport over your new car lot – Here, you can lease your carport to Smart Roofs Energy and earn a long-term, stable income stream for up to 25 years. This option requires no cash out of pocket and no responsibilities for the dealership. The dealership's only responsibility is to deposit their rent check.

The most common concern I hear is how many parking spaces will I lose due to the solar canopy? The answer is none! Installing a carport does not take away the available space on your lot for cars.

2. Minimize repairs required to deliver a car –Carports provide a secondary benefit. A carport will protect your new car inventory from the elements. Minimizing your lot’s exposure to the sun, snow and rain will minimize damage to your cars prior to delivery. Imagine reducing the number of blemishes you need to repair prior to delivering a car.

3. Install LED lighting – LED lighting will save you money over a more traditional lighting source. The lights can be placed under the solar canopy making it safer for your employees and easier to move cars within the lot.

4. Install EV charging stations – Electric vehicles or EVs are becoming mainstream. Soon, they will dominate the automotive landscape. Charging stations are easy to install and will allow you to bring fully charged cars to the customer delivery area. Gone will be the days of running to a gas station to fill up prior to delivery.

Most state governments have set lofty goals for renewables over the coming years. Because of this, solar and carports are only going to become more mainstream. Why not lead instead of follow?

If you would like to learn how your parking lot can be converted to money making asset, please give us a call


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