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Carports and winter... how does it help?

Parking lots offered by businesses provide their customers a level of convenience, safety and order to ensure a satisfactory customer experience. However, for the business, it adds a front level strain of lighting, security, maintenance, and engineering. The overall benefit, more customers and more frequent visits by customers isn't realized until after the initial expenses for the parking lot have been incurred.

Now imagine if the customer and business both require the space of the parking lot and every square inch is utilized. That is the situation for most auto dealerships. Cars are packed in and maintaining the lot clean and useful is a logistical nightmare; especially for northern dealerships which also have snow to contend with.

For a dealership, solar carports offer a complete answer for multiple issues. The first, and most obvious, is the ability to address the monthly cost of the electricity bill for the facility. Being able to forecast a much more affordable electric bill is a welcome line item for any CFO or Controller.

Carports also provide a more strategic approach to runoff and snow removal. They allow the property manager to redirect the runoff and drain it in a much more manageable way and make it easier to maintain a clean lot. Many dealerships have an “all hands on deck” approach with their staff when it comes to snow removal and it is an exhausting and difficult time-suck that everyone dreads. Have you ever tried cleaning the snow off of a car that is packed third deep in line with cars all around? Now imagine a quarter of the fleet in that very position. Additionally, cleaning off cars after every storm will inevitably result in a few scratches on the vehicles.

Carports can also be sized to accommodate for the additional charging stations dealerships will have to install very soon. We addressed this in a previous blog, but it’s enough to say most new car sales will be expected to be electric vehicles by 2030. These fleets will need to be powered.

Finally, carports offer a great level of protection for cars from Sun bleaching and rain, not to mention the snow as mentioned above. It will be much easier to keep a new car looking, well….new.

As a business, don’t hesitate to inquire about carports and how they can benefit your efficiency and bottom line.


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