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Process of Installing Solar Panels for Businesses

The steps and timeframe of a typical commercial solar installation project
Solar Installation Timeline

A main hesitation we hear from those looking to go solar is that the installation process and set up take too much time. Having a well knowledgeable partner who will walk you through this process, stay transparent, and take the workload off of your hands makes this much easier than many people expect.

Although solar panels are not installed in a day, it is a much less strenuous process than you might think, especially with the right help, so let’s get into it.

Day 1: Agree to Go Solar. Schedule electrical and structural engineering site assessments

Evaluation of your project site is critical. This way, the engineers will know the specific dimensions, obstructions, and layout of your system before beginning work. This is not only for the actual solar panels but also for the other equipment that is needed for the project.

Day 21: Submit interconnection application

Of course, when installing anything major on the property, approvals are needed. The utility company will need to ensure that adding solar panels to your facility will connect to the electric grid with no issues prior to installation.

Day 120: Receive interconnection approval & submit building permit

This is where your project accelerates quickly. During this interconnection application process, the utility company observes possible impacts that a new solar system may have on the affected energy grid. After your interconnection application has been approved, we submit the building permit.

Day 125: Schedule date for installing solar panels

After all applications have been approved locally and by the state, it is now time to schedule the solar panel installation.

Day 130: Finalize & order equipment

Once we have an installation date set, we can then order all of the equipment needed in order to properly set up solar energy at your location.

Day 175: Project installation begins

Finally, when parts and equipment are received we can begin the installation process on the property.

Day 190/200: Mechanical completion

The system is 100% installed, tested, and ready for inspections.

Day 210: Municipal system inspection

Once everything is set up, there will need to be an inspection so that the local municipality can ensure everything is installed, connected, and working correctly and that the electric grid can properly communicate with your new system.

Day 215: Activate solar array- PTO

The utility company will perform a final inspection test to ensure that you are able to utilize this investment and begin producing clean solar power.

Get started today with Smart Roofs

At Smart Roofs, we have been installing solar panels for clients for over a decade, while providing our clients the best service and experience possible. We have taken many corporations through this process and have yielded substantial savings, with this opportunity we can do the same for your business! Contact us today in order to get this timeline started with your own solar installation project.


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