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Commercial Solar Misconceptions:

It's too expensive.... No longer!

The fact of regularly rising utility rates in the Northeast, (Eversource and United Illuminated in CT), are more than offset by the combination of federal incentives, a 26% ITC tax credit, net metering programs and state incentives.

The truth is, solar power is well worth exploring for any organization hoping to mitigate the costs of powering their facility. It is not an overnight process to propose, install and turn on a solar array but determining what your level of savings will be is and the savings could be substantial.

Solar panels don't work in the Northeast.

Rarely, if ever, do panels not produce power on a daily basis, even under extreme conditions. However, the weather of your location is factored in to the design to meet your needs. The calculated size of your solar solution will take seasonality into account to ensure your electricity needs are covered.

Solar Panels are too heavy/will ruin my roof.

Actually, solar panels will protect your roof from harsh weather and, because they are installed with a tilt, the snow melts off of them. Additionally, on a flat roof, there isn't even a need for any holes to be drilled as it is usually a ballast-based installation. This helps to maintain the integrity of the roof warranty and adds an additional level of protection to the roof.

I plan on selling my business soon.

Having solar is actually a great selling feature for a new business owner...especially considering the balance of the panels' warranty transfers to the new owner. Additionally, depending on when the sale is, you may still have the opportunity to take advantage of the ITC tax credit. Your best option is to find out what the benefits of the array would be and then discuss the findings with your CFO or Accounting dept to determine your best path forward.

It will ruin the aesthetics of the building

Actually, solar panels are now considered forward thinking and are generally accepted as a good sign. Additionally, you can now add more to your branding and marketing highlighting your company's initiative.

Something else to consider, particularly those in the hospitality industry; solar can be used to create charging stations and this would be an additional draw for you to generate more reservations.

Solar is a fast paced, ever-changing industry. Even if you explored solar as recently as a few years, the current incentives may be a better fit for you now. It's worth exploring and determining if solar is now a viable solution for you and your company.


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