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Solar FAQs

Investing in solar energy for your business or facility will lower your energy costs and provide long-term savings.  In addition to the financial benefits of going solar, there are also environmental and reputational considerations. Companies that prioritize sustainability and environmental responsibility are increasingly viewed positively by customers, employees, and the community.


At Smart Roofs, we understand that the decision go solar is a big one. You may be wondering about the solar installation process, financing options, and how it all works:  Do solar panels need maintenance? How long is the installation process? What length is the warranty of the system and the panels? When will I start saving money?


As an end-to-end solar provider, our team is knowledgeable of the entire process as well as financing options and current solar incentives. We have compiled the most frequently asked questions that we hear. If you don't find the answers that you are looking for below, reach out to us at any time. Whether you end up converting to solar energy or not, we are always here to help and happy to chat.

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