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3 misconceptions: solar doesn't pay in the northeast

Solar panels in the North with Snow

During the colder months, solar power’s efficacy and efficiency become questionable. Businesses are considering turning to sustainable energy to help offset their electric costs. Here, we confront three common misconceptions of solar energy production in the North. If you have specific questions relating to a panel's process visit our FAQS

  1. Will my panels still work with less sunlight in the winter? 

The sun is stronger in other parts of the country as opposed to northern locations. But this does not affect the impact of solar energy on your business. Compared to the North, warmer areas call for fewer panels to generate the same electricity. But lower electric bills are also more common in these states. However, this does not mean an array in a colder state will not be effective. For business owners, solar projects generate electricity throughout winter and lower monthly costs. 

2. Will my business remain powered with snow coverage on panels?

Simply, yes. Solar panels produce energy based on rays, and if the sun is shining energy is being generated. Solar PV Systems are interconnected to the utility grid. Both or either can power a business at any given time. Solar panels' year-round efficiency helps businesses feel more confident when choosing clean power. In a colder climate, it is often an ideal solution to implement battery energy storage. Meaning that your business can stay powered throughout outages. A solar array is not necessary for a battery system, see how this could impact your business

3. Will solar energy impact my power bill in the North?

From small businesses to large corporations solar has proven to dramatically lower costs. Electric bill savings remain active throughout winter months. Throughout the cold season, businesses face extra utility charges. Paying more for heat and lighting that is not necessary during warmer, brighter months. Combat energy demand by creating your own supply from the most abundant power source. 

Reduce operational costs while improving cash flow with renewable solar power. Not only is it possible to have a solar project installed in the North but it is a competitive advantage. Learn here why C & I Solar in the Northeast makes sense for your business.

Smart Roofs Energy is a turnkey solar energy company. Solar power gives companies control over their electric bills. Offerings include rooftop & ground-mount solar PV, carports, EV chargers, batteries, solar farms, and more. Reach out to find out how much you can save.


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