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Get Predictable Power and Lower Costs with Solar

Solar panel on top of buidling plans

Solar PV is a powerful and predictable source of energy. Power your business with solar and gain control of energy rates. This renewable power source can transform your company by improving predictability with:

  • Fixed Energy Costs: Solar panel systems generate electricity from sunlight. By generating your own electricity with solar, your costs become fixed. Gaining stability helps predict monthly and yearly energy expenses for business operations.

  • Energy Rate Stability: Energy rates are on the rise. Unpredictable rates can limit financial flexibility if electricity is among top monthly expenses. For example:

    • New York's Con Edison announced a schedule of rate hikes with the first being a 9.1% increase that began August 2023.

    • Connecticut has the highest rates in the continental United States. This year saw a 12.8% increase for Eversource, and 34.4% increase for United Illuminating customers.

  • Energy Independence: Relying on traditional energy sources makes you vulnerable to supply disruptions. Generating your own power from solar panels makes your company energy independent.

  • Net Metering: As a solar panel system owner, you can sell your excess electricity back to the grid. Earn credits during periods of high solar generation and use them over time. Solar can make your energy rates more predictable and lead to net-zero energy bills.

  • Solar Financing: There are a few ways to fund a solar installation for your business. Financing with solar provides predictable monthly payments making it easier to budget.

  • Solar Incentives: A big incentive for solar is the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC). This tax credit allows businesses to deduct up to 30% of the cost of a solar energy system from their federal taxes. Save on electricity, save on your taxes — it's a win-win.

  • Energy Monitoring Systems: Solar installations come with an energy monitoring system. This tracks your system’s performance and manages its operations and maintenance. Providing valuable insights into energy usage patterns while tracking energy production and consumption.

Solar installations reap long-term savings on electric bills, providing financial stability and predictability. Additionally, solar power systems come with warranties. Get lower and more predictable energy costs for 30+ years. That is the power of solar.

Smart Roofs Energy is a turnkey solar energy company. Despite volatile energy rate spikes, solar power gives companies control over their electric bills. Offerings include rooftop solar PV, carports, ground mounts PV, solar farms, and more.


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